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  • The Role of Technical Identification Certificate of Hexafluoropropane Fire Extinguishing System
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    Performance and Importance of Technical Identification Certificate for Hydrocarbon Extinguishing System


        Today we are saying what is the technical appraisal certificate, in the end how important!

        As we all know, in the natural gas fire industry, the vast majority of fire products are national standards and norms, products meet national standards, issued 3C certification and inspection reports, two documents in the fire department after the completion of fire acceptance, through the fire acceptance.

    But some products are not national standards, just a business standard, some people will say that corporate standards are not business data ah, of course not the so-called enterprise standards in a certain field some manufacturers do a long time, and then a certain level of professional skills , And then jointly develop a specification to develop a certain type of product production standards, to achieve this standard can be issued to the technical appraisal certificate and inspection report.

         Technical certificate is equivalent to the role, but also different from the 3C certificate, 3C certificate for 3 years, technical certification for 4 years, 3C certification covers all specifications models, technical certification is a separate product model A certificate, so in the absence of norms , The technical identification certificate of the difficulty of detection and technical difficulty than the 3C certificate.

         Gas extinguishing heptafluoropropane gas fire extinguishing is divided into pipeline and pipe network, heptafluoropropane fire extinguisher and cabinet fire extinguishing device Suspension pipe network are GB 3 C certificate, pipe network storage Heptafluoride fire extinguishing system and national standard consistent 3C certificate, external pressure (pressure) seven Fluoride fire extinguishing system is the enterprise standard, foreign storage pressure technology identification certificate (country has a manufacturer certificate so far only a few here I will not say that you can go to the 3C fire scene found).

       But many manufacturers in the market they can do a lot of heptafluoropropane fire suppression system storage capacity, I asked, you want to get the manufacturer's technical appraisal certificate? Do you know that you are selling a product without a license? Do you have to consider the safety of the enterprise?

         Market order is often such a mess of the manufacturers, and even do their own qualifications of these products are not, and to make nonconforming products into the market sales, if the problem occurs, the consequences may be catastrophic. Own fire protection products is to prevent the fire, beyond the norms and certificates are allowed to appear in the market, to achieve the effect of standard settings in their own manufacturers did not reach the technology before doing their own things, colleagues also asked our construction units and owners to accept the time Find the product qualification certificate, design institute as the power of Party B, out of this design drawings, we should be within the scope of the specification, in accordance with the design institute to complete the design and protection of the interests of owners to protect the owners of fire safety!

        Here to me in the 3C fire scene query whether the qualified manufacturers of the link and the entrance hope to help if the 3C website can not find, can not get the corresponding certificate, so the manufacturers need more attention!

           Into the Ministry of Public Security Fire Product Conformity Assessment Center Website:, and then click on the query 3C certificate products or technical identification products, you can find the appropriate qualified manufacturers!

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