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  • Cabin Heptafluoride Extinguishing Device
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                                            Cabin Heptafluoride Extinguishing Device

    I Division has passed the national compulsory product certification and the national fixed testing center qualified and get 3C certificate and external storage pressure of heptafluoride fire extinguishing system technology identification certificate, the factory passed the ISO9001 quality system certification by the China Ping An Insurance Comprehensive underwriting.



    Hexafluoropropane fire fighting system works:

       When the fire detector detects the fire after the fire signal feedback to the alarm control device alarm control device control sound and light alarm, issued a withdrawal alarm signal and control linkage device, 30S delay, the alarm control device to the cabinet heptafluoride fire extinguishing device electromagnetic (DC24V, 1.5A) electromagnetic actuator action, open the fire extinguisher bottle group release of heptafluoropropane fire extinguishing agent, fire extinguishing agent through the nozzle was sprayed to the protection area, to achieve the purpose of fire, when the high pressure extinguishing agent flow through the pipeline, the signal Feedback device in the micro-switch closed, the signal feedback action feedback electrical signal to the alarm control device indicates that the heptafluoropropane fire extinguishing agent has been discharged.

          Scope of application: Cabinet Heptafluoropropane fire extinguishing device does not need to design a dedicated bottle group, the entire cabinet design in the protection zone, for computer rooms, archives, valuables library, communication room and other space smaller protection area, several counters The device can be used to protect the larger area.

       Can be used to fight the fire

    Can not be used to fight the fire

    1. electrical fire

    2. Fixed surface fire

    3. Liquid fire

    4. Before the fire can cut off the gas source gas fire

    1. Nitrocellulose, sodium nitrate and other oxidants or chemicals containing oxidants

    2. Potassium, magnesium, sodium, titanium, ho and other lively metal fire

    3. Potassium hydride, hydrazine and other self-decomposition of chemical substances fire



    Design work pressure(20℃)

    Maximum working pressure(50℃)

    Maximum charge density

    Storage container volume

    Jet time

    Use ambient temperature

    Operating Voltage

    Working  current



    less than  or equal  to 1150kg/mm³


    less than or equal to 10s




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